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"Reflect" - An Exclusive Guest Mix by Mixamorphosis [Deep Ambient, Drone]

I'm glad to share a guest mix recorded exclusively for Corsica One listeners by Scottish curator Mixamorphosis.

You can follow him on Mixcloud and Twitter.


  1. Biosphere - From A Solid To A Liquid
  2. Cosmic Newman - Proxima B
  3. Sun Electric - Love 2 Love
  4. Jo Johnson - Discontent Arises From A Knowledge Of The Possible
  5. Pauline Anna Strom - The Eighteen Beautiful Memories
  6. Soundstory - Rainstorm
  7. Etienne Jaumet - Orage Dans Le Creuse
  8. Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourriére - Five Steps
  9. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Dreamshore Forest (Analog Remake)
  10. James Bernard - UWA10
  11. Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek - Workshop For Modernity
  12. David Moufang - Segio Leone's Wet Dream
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Eleusinian Mysteries [Deep Ambient, Astral Jazz, Mental Beats]

The Eleusinian Mysteries (Ancient Greek: Ἐλευσίνια Μυστήρια) were mystery religious rites celebrated annually at the shrine of Demeter in the ancient Greek city of Eleusis. The mysteries depicted the myth of Persephone's abduction from her mother Demeter by the king of the underworld Hades, in a three-stage cycle; the descent (loss), the search and the ascent, with the main theme being Persephone's ascent (άνοδος) and reunion with her mother. The Eleusinian mysteries, like Orphism and the Dionysian mysteries, have their remote roots in protohistory, from Cretan, Asian, Thracian traditions, enriched and integrated into a new religious horizon.

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Gigi Masin - Still

Venetian ambient. Taken from 2014 compilation album "Talk to the Sea".

Memotone - Eusapia

Loving the balance between electronic and acoustic sounds.

Depeche Mode - Barrel Of A Gun (Underworld Soft Mix)

One of the two remixes published in 1997. The Hard mix is a testament to Underworld's raving skills.

Oneohtrix Point Never - Trance 1

Taken from Brooklyn based producer's "The Station" EP published in 2018.

Afterlife - Take Me Inside feat. Danni Minogue (Christophe Goze Mix)

Kylie and Danni are a bit like Beyonce and Solange: the less popular one is the one who ends up doing the most interesting things.

Roseaux - Mè Ni Wè (feat. Blick Bassy)

This 2019 song by French trio benefits from the sumptuous vocals by Cameroonian-born Blick Bassy. Mellow.

MARTIN $KY, Oatmello - Different Pages

My favorite style of lofi hiphop.

Weldon Irvine - Ghetto Lament

A moving song by unsung hero Weldon Irvine, recorded live in 1977. Among the first recorded appeareances of Marcus Miller (who was 18 at the time).

Joe Henderson - Black Narcissus

We don't need to explain the importance of this tune in modern jazz, do we?

Pharoah Sanders - Astral Travelling

Back when Lonnie Liston Smith was still working on his trademark Fender Rhodes sound.

Dedekind Cut - Virtues


Arvo Pärt - Für Alina (Arr. Pat Metheny For 42 String Guitar)

Taken from Pat Metheny's latest album "Road to the Sun" published in 2021.

Bill Evans - Solo (in Memory of His Father)

I've been wanting to include this 12-min improvisation included in "Live at Town Hall" (1966) in a mix for a while. Now's the time.

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J Dilla Original Samples [How J Dilla Changed My Life] #DillaDay

To celebrate this year's #DillaDay I went through my favorite songs flipped by J Dilla.

The result is a 2-hour selection of jazz, fusion, brazilian and soul tunes.

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Don Pullen - Healing Force

Classic piano sample flipped on Illa J's "Timeless".

Minnie Ripperton - Inside My Love

Joe Sample's classic Fender Rhodes break was already made famous by ATCQ's "Lyrics to Go". Dilla sampled it on his remix of Slum Village's "Look of Love".

Thad Jones & Mel Lewis - Quiet Lady

Another Fender Rhodes sample already known to the public via Pete Rock's "Smooth Sailing". Sampled for "On the 1" included in "Vol. 2: Vintage"

Todd Rundgren - There Are No Words

Sampled in "Track 23" - later included in 2015's "Dillatronic". For a long time I thought it was James playing keys.

Perigeo - Via Beato Angelico

Even though I already knew this tune I wouldn't recognize it when I first heard J Dilla's "In Space" from "The New Slave". To me it's one of his most intelligent flips.

Yutaka - Evening Star

Sampled on "I'm so glad you're dorothy" included on "The New Slave". Such an incredible tune.

Pharoah Sanders - Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt

The bass line and the tambourine were used in "Flowers".

Joe Sample - Black Is the Color

Dilla sampled the final seconds of this fine tune on "Sunbeams".

Gary Burton & Chick Corea - Radio

Another sample used in "Vol. 2: Vintage", this time on "Circus".

Rodney Jones - When You Feel The Love

Smooth composition by guitarist Rodney Jones from his 1981 omonymous album.

Dave Grusin - The Colorado Trail

Dilla flipped this Rhodes piano solo tune on at least a couple of songs: his remix of D'Angelo "Me & Those Dreaming Eyes Of Mine" (also included on "Vol. 2: Vintage" as "Dreamy") as well as on a beat later used by Illa J's "DFTF".

Stanley Cowell - Maimoun

Another example of Dilla's unique ability in flipping piano samples.

Keno Duke - Some Other Time

Just another obscure jazz flute track used by Jay Dee for T-Love's "When You're Older".

Jackie & Roy - Deus Brasileiro

The intro was sampled for "Doo Doo" and later for Dwight Trible's "Antiquity". Also covered by Robert Glasper as well as Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Carlos Nino.

Stan Getz & Luiz Bonfa - Saudade Vem Correndo

One of Dilla's classic flips: The Pharcyde's "Runnin'".

Ahmad Jamal - The Awakening

Already discovered and sampled by Shadez of Brooklyn for "Change", and flipped by Jay Dee on "Ahmad Impresses Me". We all agree Ahmad is impressive.

Craig Hundley Trio - It Was A Very Good Year

The chorus provides the main melody on "Flowers".

Dexter Wansel - First Light of the Morning

Another monster composition by Mr. Wansel.

Patrice Rushen - Remind Me

Possibly my favorite song by Ms. Rushen. I was pleasantly surprised when hearing the intro on Slum Village's "5 Ela (Remix)".

Dionne Warwick - You're Gonna Need Me

We should all pay thanks to James for bringing this gem to our attention by featuring it (can we still call it a sample?) on his final "Donuts" album.

The Isley Brothers - Don't Say Goodnight (It's Time For Love) (Parts 1 & 2)

On of the most touching and intimate flips, it appears twice on "So Far To Go" and "Bye".

Flip Nunez - See You Later

Sweet Rhodes and guitar cut which for me paved the way to lofi hip hop sampling.

George Duke - Love

Taken from his progressive-fusion-soul 1974 album "Feel", sampled on the posthumous "Here We Go Again".

Joe Pass - Daquilo Que Eu Sei

Possibly my favorite Dilla cut ever. Flipped on "Earl". I've been waking up to this tune for years.

Barney Kessel - On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

Another Dilla flip which imho paved the way to lofi hip hop.

The Singers Unlimited - Clair

Flipped on Slum Village's "Players". I love how he turned "Clair" into "Players".

Dorothy Ashby - Django

Sampled for The Pharcyde's classic "Drop", and if you can't recognize it that's yet another proof of Dilla's genius on the MPC.

The Robert DeCormier Singers -- Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

An obscure country song flipped on an obscure beat from 2002, and later reused for Jaylib's remix of Quasimoto's "Hydrant Game".

Special EFX - High Society

Flipped on "Track 16" included in "Another Batch" (1998)

Stereolab - Come and Play in the Milky Night

Or how to turn an indie rock song into Busta Rhymes' classic "Show Me What You Got".

Miles Davis - Blue in Green


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Corsica One In Space [Zero Gravity Ambient and Deep Electronic]

Please enjoy the first mix of 2021 - a selection of astral electronic sounds. I've never been a sci-fi fan - up until my favorite blog Wait But Why published a series on Elon Musk and Space X. Also it seems like there's a lot of talk about alien revelations being the next big thing to expect after the pandemic - hence the inspiration for this mix.

And to celebrate the new year, I'm introducing a personal commentary for each track.

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Alan Hawkshaw - Sky 2

Taken from the legendary 1979 album "Frontiers of Science" by British composer Alan Hawkshaw. A deep dive into 70s sci-fi soundtracks. I had no doubt that this was going to be the perfect opening for this mix.

V-Vm - The Death Of Rave 090

V/Vm is none other than British composer Leyland James Kirby - better known as The Caretaker. In 2006 he released a monster release of 200+ compositions intended as a requiem to the golden age of rave. It sounds dark, spastic and beautifully haunting.

Stars of the Lid - Gasfarming

One of the quietest tunes of 2001 drone classic "Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid".

William Basinski - 4(E+D04(ER=EPR)

First heard on a Ryuichi Sakamoto mix for Warp Records. Astral.

Gas - Pop 4


Sawako - Cloud No Crowd

Classic reverse moods from this Tokyo-based female composer.

In The Branches - Gravity

Endless guitar.

Mr. YT - Souvenir

The only beatless track included in the excellent 2017 "Brand New Day" EP.

Amba - Moonbathing

This track probably needs no introduction, but it's a good reminder of the uber talent of mr Tom Middleton.

Neuronphase - Rawdust

I wasn't sure whether to include this or Sawdust - essentially the same composition with some added drums. The progression sounds dangerously similar to Linkwood's "Love Lost".

Missing Soul - Regard (Ron Trent Remix)

Ron Trent is infinite

Larry Heard - Summertime Breeze

I had my Larry Heard passion moment around ten years ago. While the first half is as exotic and mysterious as it sounds, the sudden change in chord progression around the 3 min mark feels like a warm hugh from a distant friend.

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2 Years of Corsica One [Special 2-Hour Session]

Corsica One is turning 2 years old!

I want to express my gratitude to all listeners as well as old and new friends including the very talented magrosi65, Lauge and Calm Pills who delighted us with their special mixes. Shout out to Radio Raptz who has been hosting my Kimchi shows.

Here's to you a special 2-hour mix featuring highlights from the last 12 months.

Comparing this year's mixes to the previous ones, I realized that the sound of Corsica One has been evolving. A lot of the exotic, "world" vibes have gone, leaving room to a more urban landscape. I guess that the pandemic and the impossibility to travel gave me no other choice but to look for inspiration in the streets of my city. (Check out the 1-year special 3-hour session from 2019:

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  1. Djrum - creature pt. 1
  2. Wings of an Angel - The Ever-present Chance for Splendor
  3. Lyle Mays - Long Life
  4. Javier Ruibal - Por Tu Amor Me Duele El Aire
  5. Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno - Always Returning
  6. Santana - Welcome
  7. Charlemagne Palestine - Sliding Fifths
  8. Arvo Part - Summa for strings
  9. BIG YUKI - Red Pill
  10. Perigeo - Monti Pallidi
  11. Second Direction - Storm Flute
  12. Tori - Weirdweek
  13. sanodg - Double Infinity
  14. Larry Heard - Guidance (Calm)
  15. Dj Die - Landslide
  16. LTJ Bukem - Music (Peshay Re-Work)
  17. Greentea Peng - Mr. Sun (miss da sun)
  18. zopelar - Welcome Stranger
  19. Sup Nasa - February
  20. Leavv - Dusk
  21. Ashley Henry - Dark Honey (4thestorm)
  22. Sinh - Miss.america
  23. Phony Ppl - Somehow.
  24. J Dilla - Day Dream (Instrumental)
  25. Olli Ahvenlahti - Breeze
  26. Joni Mitchell - Barangrill
  27. Tomoko Aran - Midnight Pretenders
  28. Ekkehard Ehlers - John Cassavetes
  29. John Foxx & Harold Budd - A Delicate Romance
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Exclusive Guest Mix: "Calm Pill 35: Deathless Slumber" by Calm Pills [Ambient, Drone, Meditation]

I am extremely happy to welcome a guest ambient mix by Alaeddin aka the man behind Calm Pills.

Believing in music’s capacity to uplift us, Alaeddin creates and hosts 2 podcast mix series: Calm Pills and Chill Pills.

Every mix he creates is a labor of love, with curated track list and seamless harmonic transitions, all with the intention of boosting your happiness and well-being through the power of uplifting, feel-good music.

You can check out more of his Calm Pill mixes:

And Chill Pill mixes:

Links to downloadable episodes from his website:


  1. Tonepoet - Impulses
  2. Nox Arcana - Nyarlathotep
  3. Moonshine Blues - Dawn
  4. Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue - Morning Spirit
  5. Rebekkah's Cousin Silas - the Rachel suite - part 009
  6. Jonn Serrie & Gary Stroutsos - Sea of Clouds
  7. Ornament - Ambeyond
  8. Darren Harper - Vanishing Point (the receding edge pt.2)
  9. Cousin Silas - Moving Away
  10. John Foxx & Harold Budd - A Delicate Romance
  11. Tonepoet & Wings Of An Angel - Dreaming Out Loud
  12. Matt Borghi & Michael Teager - Convocation
  13. Diatonis - The River Flowing
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Exclusive Guest Mix: magrosi65 "After Midnight" [Rare Jazz from magrosi65 Private Vinyl Collection]

I am extremely pleased to present a very special guest mix recorded by magrosi65 exclusively for Corsica One listeners.

magrosi65 is one of Youtube's finest and most popular crate diggers and collectors, with over 70 000 subscribers (

Through his "Funk for Food" videos over the last 10 years magrosi65 has been sharing rare jazz, soul, funk, fusion and brazilian gems from his private record collection, becoming a reference for music lovers, crate diggers as well as hip hop producers.

This is the first time he agrees to record a guest mix, and I am extremely grateful for his kind availability.

This mix features spiritual, late night jazz and fusion joints from the 70s from the likes of Joe Henderson, Art Farmer, Mikio Masuda, Perigeo and more..


  1. Catalyst - Uzuri
  2. Joe Henderson - Black Narcissus
  3. Henry Franklin - Theme for Jojo
  4. Masaru Imada - A Green Caterpillar
  5. Art Farmer - Soulsides
  6. The Awakening - Brand New Feeling
  7. Mikio Masuda - Let's Get Together
  8. Perigeo - Monti Pallidi
  9. Olli Ahvenlahti - Breeze
  10. Smoke - Shelda
  11. Second Direction - Flying Carpet Ride
  12. Walter Bishop Jr's 4th Cycle - Soul Village
  13. Chester Thompson - Power House
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Ascetic Sun [Ambient, Meditation, Contemplation, Deep Focus]

100% ambient selection for hot silent summer sunsets.


  1. Ekkehard Ehlers - Cornelius Cardew
  2. Keith Fullerton Whitman - Fib01a
  3. Huerco S. - A Sea of Love
  4. DJ Koze - Hummell
  5. Fennesz - Happy Audio
  6. Charlemagne Palestine - Sliding Fifths
  7. Stars Of The Lid - Even (Out) +
  8. sanodg - Double Infinity
  9. Steve Roach - Magnificent Gallery
  10. Robert Rich & Steve Roach - La Luna
  11. Chihei Hatakeyama - Phantom Cats in Cathedral
  12. Ekkehard Ehlers - John Cassavetes
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Nocturnal Awareness [Jungle Records from the Vaults]

Classic Jungle Records from the Vaults.


  1. Mirage - Deep Rage
  2. Mirage - Personal
  3. Aquarius - Dolphin Tune
  4. Voyager - Hypersleep
  5. LTJ Bukem - Music (Peshay re-work)
  6. Artemis - Elysian Fields
  7. Wax Doctor - Finer Things
  8. DJ Die - Landslide
  9. Source Direct - Different Groove
  10. Peshay - Endless Thoughts
  11. Wax Doctor - Spectrum
  12. Source Direct - Fabric of Space
  13. Wax Doctor - Offshore Drift
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Devadip In The Sky [Journey Through the Spiritual Years of Carlos Santana]

Santana being one of my early heroes I've been meaning to record this mix for a long time.
Most of the music featured here is taken from what I consider to be his best and most inspired albums: Caravanserai, Welcome, Lotus, Illuminations (with Alice Coltrane), Love, Devotion, Surrender (with John McLaughlin).
I was always fascinated by his conversion from rockstar to devout follower of an Indian guru, and his coincident shift towards jazz.
I should probably credit my interest in eastern philosophies to him as well.


  1. Carlos & French Journalist - 1971 Interview
  2. Santana - Dance Sister Dance
  3. Santana- Going Home
  4. Santana - Singing Winds, Crying Beasts
  5. Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane - Angel of Air / Angel of Water
  6. Santana - Yours is the Light
  7. Santana - Incident at Neshabur (Live)
  8. Santana - Song of the Wind
  9. Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord
  10. Santana - Aspirations
  11. Santana - Mantra
  12. Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - Meditation
  13. Santana - Aqua Marine (Live)
  14. Santana - Waves Within
  15. Carlos Santana & Alice Coltrane - Angel of Sunlight
  16. Santana - Welcome
  17. Devadip Carlos Santana - Song for Devadip
  18. Carlos Santana - Blues for Salvador
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Quiet Cities

New ambient selection inspired by this unreal moment of stillness.


  1. Djrum - creature pt 1
  2. Steve Roach & Sarah Hopkins - Atmosphere for Dreaming
  3. Kenji kawai - ghostdive
  4. Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch - Rain
  5. Keenya - Remember Smiles
  6. Stellardrone - Solar Eclipse
  7. Terekke - L8r H8r
  8. Gray Acres - Return to Self
  9. Mount Shrine - Empty Slopes
  10. Saros - Warmth (Parallel)
  11. glo - älskad
  12. Arvo Part - Summa for strings
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Corsica One Loves City Pop

Here's something different for Corsica One listeners.
I've always loved bands such as Casiopea and Yellow Magic Orchestra and I was introduced to City Pop few years ago through a mix by Ed Motta which opened my ears to a whole new world. So this 90 min selection gathers my favorite city pop classics (so far), along some jazzier numbers.
And despite the temptation I didn't include Plastic Love. :)


  1. Yuji Ohno and Masa Matsuda - Midspace Action
  2. Taeko Ohnuki - 4 A.M.
  3. Tomoko Aran - Midnight Pretenders
  4. Yasuhiro Abe - Irene (1984)
  5. Mamiya Takako - Chinese Restaurant
  6. Junko Ohashi - Telephone Number
  7. Masayo Kawaguchi – Melty
  8. Casiopea - Take Me
  9. Anri - Remember Summer Days
  10. Tatsuro Yamashita - Sparkle
  11. Noriyo Ikeda - Dream in the street
  12. 1-05 グリーン·シャワー
  13. Hiroshi Satoh - Say goodbye
  14. Kazumi Watanabe - Sonic Boom
  15. Yurie Kokubu - Just a Joke
  16. Yasuha - Flyday Chinatown
  17. Mariya Takeuchi - Yume No Tsuzuki
  18. Soichi Noriki - On the Street
  19. Tomoko Aran - E☆spy
  20. Tomoko Aran - Drive to Love
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Kimchi 4 (Guest mix for Radio Raptz)

Fourth episode of my monthly show on Radio Raptz.


  1. BIGYUKI - Red Pill
  2. JAB - Directions
  3. Second Direction - Storm flute
  4. Dufresne - Pick Up / Galaxy
  5. Le Motel - Wasiwa
  6. Likwid Continual Space Motion - The Box
  7. Brees & Leon - A Kloser Kut
  8. Yann Polewka - La French Teuch (Cody Currie Remix)
  9. Kyle Hall - Nothing To Fear
  10. Zopelar - Welcome Stranger
  11. Sup Nasa - February
  12. Black Moon - Shit Iz Real
  13. Phony Ppl - Somehow.
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Fragmented Memories - Exclusive Ambient Mix by Lauge

I am extremely pleased to share a guest mix recorded by ambient artist and selector Lauge exclusively for Corsica One listeners.
With a long history of writing electronic music, Henrik Laugesen better known under the pseudonym “Lauge” or as part of “Lauge & Baba Gnohm” still continues to express himself through deep and melancholic soundscapes ranging from beat-less drones to IDM/Glitch. With a career spanning over two decades and releases with many major labels, Lauge has established a very firm foot hold within the Ambient genre.


  1. Wings of an Angel - The Ever-present Chance for Splendor
  2. Warmth - The Creek
  3. Lauge - Oceanography
  4. Alphaxone - Parallel Destiny
  5. SVLBRD - Dawn (Remodel)
  6. Líom - Through The Sky
  7. Hilyard - Iridescent Path
  8. Alaskan Tapes - And, We Disappear
  9. Echo Grid - Colour (Eventide)
  10. Marek Kamiński - First Glimpse

Follow Lauge:


Spotify artist: (Lauge) (Baba Gnohm)

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Close to Home - Lyle Mays Tribute Mix

Hard to express how much of an inspiration Lyle Mays has been to me. I love his universal and intimate sound.


  1. Lyle Mays - Long Life
  2. Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays - September Fifteenth
  3. Lyle Mays - Close to Home
  4. Lyle Mays - Mirror of the Heart
  5. Lyle Mays - Street Dreams pt. 4
  6. Lyle Mays - Before You Go
  7. Lyle Mays - Let Me Count the Ways
  8. Pat Metheny Group - San Lorenzo
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Kimchi 3 (Guest mix for Radio Raptz)

Third episode of my monthly show on Radio Raptz.


  1. Hannah - Lake Shore Dr.
  2. Tales Ov Rossi - Flatpress
  3. Andres - Second Time Around
  4. Larry Heard - Guidance (Calm)
  5. Tales Ov Rossi - Pieces of a Puzzle
  6. Nebraska - Fluorescent Door
  7. Chez N Trent - Morning Factory
  8. The Bucketheads - Sunset
  9. Nick Holder - Swimming (Instrumental)
  10. Kenlou - The Bounce
  11. Gnork - Big Dipper
  12. DJ Metatron - Oh Ah
  13. Kenlou - Moonshine
  14. Four Tet - Pinnacles
  15. Kyoto Jazz Massive - Coffee Talk (Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix)
  16. Domu -Save It (Feat. Face)
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Kimchi 2 (Guest mix for Radio Raptz)

Second episode of my monthly show on Radio Raptz.


  1. mugen - headbob
  2. mellowmnd - futura session
  3. mommy & snowglobe - taipei rosebuds
  4. Philanthrope & Psalm Trees - Three Degrees Summer
  5. Leavv - Driftwood
  6. .Sinh - Miss.america
  7. J Dilla - Day Dream
  8. Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media - Breeze
  9. Bobby Lyle - Good Inside
  10. De-Phazz - Don't Talk To Me
  11. Kiss The Sky - Living For You
  12. Grace Jones - Private Life
  13. Gnork - 3am (And Already Happy)
  14. Ross from Friends - Donny Blew It
  15. Horation Luna - Give it Up
  16. Morrissey Mullen - Slipstream
  17. Cortex - Mary et jeff
  18. Tomoko Aran - E☆SPY
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Kimchi (Guest mix for Radio Raptz)

Kimchi is my new monthly show on Radio Raptz.


  1. Elijah Nang - Tsunami Sky
  2. Weirdweek - Xori
  3. Leavv - Dusk
  4. Rayburn - In her
  5. Juan Rios - Hawaii
  6. Greentea Peng - Mr. Sun (miss da sun)
  7. The Stuyvesants - Crown Royal (In a Purple Velvet Bag)
  8. Most Desh - Hip Hop Is Livin
  9. Bobby Hutcherson - Delilah
  10. Lynda Dawn - Fonk Street
  11. Mark de Clive-Lowe - Cosmic Echoes
  12. Kerem Akdag - Find Yourself
  13. Seiji - 3dom
  14. Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks - The Inside Is The Outside
  15. Lone - Blue Moon Tree
  16. Ashley Henry - Dark honey (4thestorm)
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Early Riser

Music for early mornings.


  1. Art Of Noise - Out Of This World (Version 138)
  2. Claude Debussy - Rêverie
  3. Javier Ruibal - Por Tu Amor Me Duele El Aire
  4. Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno - Always Returning
  5. Smokey Robinson - Quiet Storm
  6. Everything But The Girl - Fascination
  7. Kyoto Jazz Massive - Nacel Do Sol
  8. Edward Larry Gordon - All Pervading
  9. Joni Mitchell - Barangrill
  10. Gil Scott-Heron - Hello Sunday! Hello Road!
  11. Cornel Campbell - Pretty Looks Isn’t All
  12. The Petals - You Can't Close The Windows Of Your Heart
  13. Sonya Spence - Let Love Flow On
  14. I:Cube - In Alpha
  15. The Diogenes Club - I Could Try To Explain
  16. Lovespeake - Tightrope
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One Year of Corsica One

Corsica One is turning 1 year old this month. Our first mix (Early Autumn Dusk) was uploaded on September 30 2018.
Today we are almost 1200 people on Mixcloud, and our shows get in average 1000 plays per month.

Special thanks to all listeners for their continued support.

This special 3-hour session includes a selection of my favorite tunes already appearing in previous mixes. The first part consists of ambient selection, moving to some lofi hip hop, jazzy and fusion sounds, electronic beats and ending on a mellow and peaceful note.


  1. Biosphere - Sphere of No-Form
  2. Lapalux - Above
  3. Mount Shrine - Raining Indoors
  4. Ujjaya - I will come in your dreams
  5. Moby - LA11
  6. Hideaki Takahashi - Black Waves
  7. Hiroshi Yoshimura - Mist
  8. Carbon Based Lifeforms - 20 Minutes
  9. Garrett - Awaiting the Light
  10. Marconi Union - Weightless Part 4
  11. Kenji Kihara - Warm Haze
  12. Future Sound of London - Max
  13. Floating Points - For Marmish
  14. Ivan Lins - Choro das Águas
  15. Jinsang - Times Movin’ Fast
  16. Saiko - offtherecord
  17. Axian - Sunsets (feat. Mora)
  18. Space Jam - Let Your Conscience Be Your Guidance
  19. Coubo - Inborn
  20. Eleventeen Eston - Indian Blue
  21. Elements - Forward Motion
  22. Alain Bellaiche - Sea Fluorescent
  23. Kamasi Washington - Askim
  24. Gerardo Batiz - Aguamarina
  25. Nohelani Cypriano - Lihue
  26. DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson - Poussent les Ailes
  27. Hotel Pools & Unfound - Halfway
  28. Ptaki - Termy
  29. Half Silk - Delicious Crime
  30. Dam Funk - In The City
  31. Linkwood - Love Lost
  32. Mall Grab - Drive
  33. Purl - Baleine
  34. Atjazz - Dry Red Line
  35. Kyle Hall - The Perfect Sin
  36. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Aerosol
  37. A Guy Called Gerald - Finley's Rainbow (4hero Mix)
  38. Gladys Knight & the Pips - The Makings of You
  39. Eunice Collins - At the Hotel
  40. Piero Piccioni - His Dream Come True
  41. Bill Evans - Soiree
  42. Baden Powell - Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
  43. Ichiko Aoba - Kokoro No Sekai
  44. Bernhard Günter - Buddha With The Sun Face
  45. Horizon Fire - Earthlight
  46. Jana Winderen - Aquaculture
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